2023 Lyrics

Twenty twenty three Got to come in with all the pressure Imma reassure myself That my life is coming together Tryna block out all the voices It’s time to put in the effort Staying focused on the money That’s really my own endeavor Hypocritical & typical Lemme show you a visual Yearning to be different […]

Lehenga Lyrics

[Intro] Alright [Chorus] I put my Asian ting in a lehenga (Ayy) And now, she look ten times lenger Indian gold make my ting rich When I call her, “My b^^ch,” I ain’t tryna offend her Smokin’ on Runtz and the pack come tenga Tenco packs, moonrocks, need a blener I’ll still take mans b^^ch […]

Take Shots Lyrics

[A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie:] Shot after shot I can get you Fendi, Prada, Christian, Gucci Baby, spend some time, I spend this change like loose leaf Hot like Grabba, come here, mama Baby, spin around, let me see how you move loosely Hop inside the Lambo, it’s just us in the two-seat Everything I […]

Matinee Lyrics

[Intro] Ooh, I been drinkin’ all night Drop it in ya jaw, right now Pop yo’ sh!t, it’s all right, oh Poppin’ out like smoke, pshh Droppin’ off yo’ sh!t At your crib, later on At your crib, later on [Chorus] I been drinkin’ all night (Huh) And I’m smokin’ all right (Hm, oh) St. […]

Miss Me Too Lyrics

{intro} This is “miss me too” I just woke up, so It might be a little rough {verse 1} That’s all you ever wanted, right? Gotta put some space between us, right? Well, i hope that makes you happy Doing everything without me Never really wanted us to end Only agreed to not seem selfish, […]

Bigger Than The Whole Sky Lyrics

[Verse 1] No words appear before me in the aftermath Salt streams out my eyes and into my ears Every single thing I touch becomes sick with sadness ‘Cause it’s all over now, all out to sea [Chorus] Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye You were bigger than the whole sky You were more than just a short […]

Blue Lyrics

[Verse 1] Run away, run away I was in-between a moment and the next Searchin’ for the best Couldn’t wait, couldn’t wait I was busy getting over where I’d been And take what’s comin’ in [Pre-Chorus] And I wonder, am I good enough? Am I strong enough or old enough for this? [Chorus] And then […]

Rendezvous Lyrics

We don’t tell ‘em where we’re gonna go We can keep our business on the low Caught up in the heat yeah I know that you feel it Rendezvous with me tonight and let your body take control I go where you go You know I be waiting for the time and place Oh rendezvous […]

НЛО Текст

[Припев: EIGHTEEN] Я смотрю на небо, вижу облака Так мало дней, но ею обладал Улетел инопланетный бла-бла-кар Но она была со мной Она была [Куплет 1: Oxxxymiron] На тёмных вайбах Или на светлых сентиментальных Но я стою на Фонтанке В дурацкой шапке, как Laibach И пока стыдят эмигрантов Те, кого стыдят эмигранты Для её НЛО […]

Wreckage Lyrics

I just wanna be good for you I’m a little damaged But d^^n you saw the good When every one saw baggage You loved when no one could Laying in this bed beside you I don’t have to hide away You see all the wreckage And it wreck me that you stay