How Rich Is Smokey Robinson? Net Worth, Career, Lifestyle

Smokey Robinson, one of America’s most beloved frontmen, has a net worth of $150 million. Smokey Robinson is a singer, composer, record producer, and former record executive director from the United States. From his Motown days with The Miracles to his successful solo career, he was a terrific singer-songwriter.

The Motown king has also received several awards and distinctions. In 1987, Robinson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Similarly, in 2016, he was awarded the Gershwin Prize by the Library of Congress for his contributions to music. He has built an unequaled history for himself during a spectacular six-decade career. Smokey Robinson was elected into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Smokey Robinson’s Net Worth and Salary

Smokey Robinson’s singing career has netted him a sizable fortune. Smokey Robinson’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million as of January 2023. He has amassed a multimillion-dollar fortune as a result of his record sales and compositional abilities. His chart-topping albums and songs have brought him international recognition and money. Smokey just developed a skincare line, which has contributed significantly to his rapidly increasing net worth. He also has various investments and endorsement partnerships that have led to his success. Smokey has amassed wealth via his real estate investments, despite his renown for his singing career and songwriting skills.

He has owned a number of residences and assets over his career. He exchanged them and earned a good profit. In 2002, Robinson sold his Encino, Los Angeles, home for $2.3 million. In 2014, Smokey sold another California home for $7.99 million. This second home is in Los Angeles’ posh Chatsworth area, which is home to several well-known celebrities. Smokey first offered the property for $10.5 million in 2005, but he was unable to find a buyer, forcing her to re-list it for $10 million in 2007.


The well-to-do musician has owned various homes over his career. Robinson now lives in a multimillion-dollar house in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that he is a real estate billionaire with homes all throughout the United States, he hasn’t revealed anything about his own abode. Because his house is in a prosperous neighborhood, the value of his property will increase if he chooses to sell it in the future.


Smokey has a nice collection of vehicles. He like old automobiles, despite the fact that he owns a lot of fashionable ones. Among his vehicles are a Chevrolet, a Ferrari, a Mercedes, a Bentley, and others. He is regularly spotted in the latest Tesla model. After all, how could he possibly oppose the Tesla trend? We can safely estimate that he has spent at least a million dollars on his automobile collection based on his fleets of showy vehicles. He also likes regularly arranging and clearing his garage. As a consequence, we may conclude that he routinely steals rides.

Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson Lifestyle

The prosperous guy, like other billionaire celebrities, enjoys a lavish lifestyle. His wealth is visible in his look and behavior, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. Despite being in his seventies, the prolific artist is in fantastic health and spends his mornings working out and meditating. He believes that having a calm mind allows you to be more creative. Robinson had a wife named Claudette Rogers. The marriage, however, did not work out, and the pair divorced in 1986. Smokey married Frances Gladney in 2002. They are still together and absolutely adore one another.

The lovely duo is often seen together at various parties and events. Smokey and Frances recently celebrated their anniversary in Monaco, Saint-Tropez, and Cannes. Their extravagant vacations and luxurious getaways routinely make headlines on the internet.

Smokey Robinson Career

Smokey Robinson’s career started in high school in the 1950s. He was the founder and main vocalist of The Miracles, a Motown group. He was a founding member of one of Motown Records’ first recording artists. He quit the group in 1972 to concentrate on his profession as Motown’s vice president. Smokey depended on other writers and producers to aid him with his records while working as Motown’s vice president. Following RCA’s purchase of Motown in 1988, Smokey resigned as vice president and started focusing solely on his solo career. Smokey has a five-decade career in music and entertainment, with a collection of almost 4,000 songs. He is currently one of the most well-known names in the music world.






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