William And Zachary Zulock Had been Charged With Kid Abuse And Trafficking

On July 27, 2022, Atlanta couple William and Zachary Zulock had been arrested in Oxford, an upscale community similar Atlanta, Georgia, for allegedly abusing and trafficking their two followed boys. The pair had been charged with a slew of abuse-related crimes in August 2022. Consistent with Fox Information, the 2 allegedly showed to police that they dispensed unlawful pictures of kid abuse. They did, alternatively, input a not-guilty plea in courtroom. If they’re discovered responsible on all counts, they are going to face 9 presen sentences.

William and Zachary Zulock careworn their kids into illicit connections with older men.

Consistent with the Walton County Sheriff’s Workplace, the couple now not most effective sexually abused their followed boys but additionally documented a number of incidents of abuse, pushing them to take part in unsuitable interactions with alternative grownup men. The children, a sibling pair, had been stated to be in 3rd and fourth grades on the generation of the attack. Consistent with the Antigua Newsroom, William and Zachary Zulock had been well-to-do businessmen. Age William Zulock, 33, labored for the federal government, Zachary Zulock, 35, labored in banking. Consistent with the Brandnew York Submit, they looked to be a regular couple on all fronts, with Zachary’s Instagram describing him as a “activist” and “Papa to our two amazing sons.”


The pair had been arrested when the Walton County Sheriff’s Workplace won accusations that anyone in Oxford used to be downloading unlawful movies of kid abuse. Age investigating the accusations, government found out that the movie being downloaded used to be allegedly made through William and Zachary Zulock.

A Walton County Sheriff’s Workplace consultant said in an reliable observation:

“A small team was focused to going straight to the children to guarantee their safety, while another team worked with the adults in the house to secure the situation.”

The observation went on to mention:

“Evidence that both adult males — the adoptive dads of the sibling pair staying in the residence — were participating in s*xually abusive actions and film capturing this abuse was discovered during the execution of the search warrant.”

William and Zachary Zulock had been accused of constructing the illicit films and disseminating them to plenty of others. They allegedly despatched the video to Hunter Clay Lawless, 27, and Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez, either one of whom are accused of being a part of a kid abuse community.

Zachary Zulock



Hunter Clay Lawless stated that, even supposing he by no means actively assaulted the youngsters, Zachary Zulock would inspire him to observer the abuse hour additionally offering his pictures on a common foundation. It’s unknown if Hunter Clay Lawless and Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez had been without delay concerned within the crime. Meauwww said that the Zulocks followed the men thru a Christian special-needs group. Consistent with the Walton County Sheriff’s Workplace, the County College District used to be crucial in figuring out the kid sufferers and cooperating with the investigation.






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