Toie Roberts- All About The Daughter Of Well-known Rapper Rick Ross

Toie Roberts is eminent for being the daughter of American rapper Rick Ross. She is a trade proprietor.

Fast info

Complete Title Toie Roberts
First Title Toie
Latter Title Roberts
Occupation Superstar Kid
Nationality American
Delivery Nation United States
Father Title Rick Ross
Father Occupation Rapper
Mom Title Lastonia Leviston
Gender Id Feminine
Sexual Orientation instantly
Horoscope Pisces
No Of Kids 1
Siblings William Leonard Roberts III, Berkeley Leonard Roberts, Billions Leonard Roberts and Leisure Leonard Roberts
Year of Delivery March 17, 2002
Week twenty years

Toie’s oldsters & nation

Toie used to be born to William Leonard Roberts II, higher referred to as Rick Ross, and Lastonia Leviston. Rick and Lastonia hadn’t been married, however they’d been courting since 2000. They ended their dating in 2002. Rick Ross, Toie’s father, used to be the primary child. She has 4 half-brothers and sisters. William Leonard Roberts III used to be Rick’s first kid.

Tia Kemp and Rick gave start to him. He’s a sportsman. Berkeley Leonard Roberts used to be Rick’s second-born daughter. Briana and Rick welcomed her in September 2017. On November 6, 2019, the couple welcomed a boy. Billions Leonard Roberts used to be his identify. Billion has a more youthful brother, Leisure Leonard Roberts, who used to be born in August 2020.

What number of girls has Rick dated?

Rick has dated 19 girls, none of whom have married him. To start with, he dated tv celebrity Alexis Skyy. He upcoming had a dating with PreMadonna. Her data is being reviewed. He dated Tia Kemp in 2003, and so they fracture up in July 2015. He started courting American girl rapper Cunning Brown in April 2008. They fracture up nearest simply two months of courting.

Shateria Moragne-El used to be his 6th female friend. They began courting in 2009 and fracture up in March 2013. Rick used to be courting American actress Elise Neal in November 2010. In January 2011, they fracture up nearest simply two months of courting. The later yr, he used to be in a three-year romance with type Christelle Blanche. His 8th dating lasted greater than 10 months and used to be with Keyshia Dior. They began courting in November 2013. He had Paige Imani as his 9th female friend since January 2014, then again, they fracture up nearest 9 months.

He in a while started a dating with Ming Lee. They started courting in November 2014 and fracture up in 2015. On September 17, 2015, Rick proposed to his female friend, Lira Galore. Their love used to be doomed once they known as off their engagement in December 2015. Rick has in the past dated one of the vital international’s maximum known fashions, Khloe Kardashian. They simply dated each and every alternative for a occasion.

Toie Roberts

In November 2015, he started courting Skrawberry. Her data is being reviewed. Briteady used to be his 16th female friend, with whom he have been visual since Might 2016 and had parted in November 2016. Rick started visual Briana Camille in August 2016 nearest Briteady, and he in a while dated a type known as Bharat Love. They started courting in October 2016 and ended their dating in April 2017. He started courting an American type known as Chandra Davis in November 2016. They divorced in 2018. In 2017, he used to be additionally visual Liz Hagelthorn, then again, they’re not in combination. Rick is right now courting Lovely Vee, a qualified comic.

Internet Importance

Toie’s web wealth is being investigated. Her father’s web use, at the alternative hand, is $45 million. He has made as much as $90 million via songwriting and appearing.






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